Software die Spass macht

DOS Strategy / ​​Simulation

Starlord (1987) is a very complex but cool space simulation game where you pilot your starcraft through the galaxy. Not for the easily frustrated, as you'll need to study quite a lot of documentation and learn a lot to get the most out of this game, but if you're willing, you'll be able to guide your ship on a long voyage through space, stopping at various planets, and engaging in friendly or hostile ships along the way.

688 Attack Sub (1989) is an interesting early subsim and certainly a classic in the genre. Most of the systems you would expect such as sonar and periscope are featured and nicely presented in VGA. The game offers ten missions for both the Soviet and American side in a Cold War scenario, that grows progressively hotter. Be sure to download the manual, although the game is well laid-out and can be controlled completely with the mouse.

Populous: The Promised Lands (1989), a video game developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts, is regarded by many as the first "God game". It's an absolute evergreen and can be mentioned in the same breath as classics such as "Sim City""Lemmings" or "Dune II". The game involves the player taking on the role of a deity and leading followers into battle against opposing deities. Populous is a great marriage of war-game strategy, resource management, and pure originality. With over four million copies sold, it is one of the best-selling PC games of all time, and here you can get it for free! You may need a manual, and there is a hint leaflet available.

Hidden Agenda (1989) is a great political simulator that is unique in many ways, as well as being both realistic and extremely replayable. The game casts you as the new president of Chimerica, a South American country that has just overthrown a tyrant. The economy is in ruins, the country leaderless, massive factions fighting one another for control... and your unenviable task is to create a cabinet and begin the almost impossible task of rebuilding the country. You really need the manual !

Elite Plus (1991) is an excellent VGA update of the classic Elite from 1987, and is now commonly regarded as the best version. It's open-ended game model and revolutionary 3D graphics earned it a place as a genre maker in gaming history. It provides special missions, excellent sounds, smooth animation and intensive combat. Inputs for keyboard or mouse are all supported, and can be customized by the player.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? (Deluxe Edition) (1991) is an educational detective-simulation game that will lead you traveling all across the globe in search for the legendary femme fatale Carmen Sandiego. Travel to various places such as (but not limited to) Kathmandu, Dar-es-Salaam, Baghdad, Manila, Lima, Port Moresby, Singapore, New Delhi, and Tokyo. Carmen Sandiego contains hundreds of clues, attractive graphics and cartoons, and fun gameplay that will glue you to the screen for hours on end if you have even a slight interest in geography.

Sid Meier's Civilization (1991) is a staying power as one of the most dominant and recognizable PC franchises in history. The premise is simple: you take a faction from Stone Age primitivism to either global conquest or interplanetary colonization. You research technologies, which allow you to build better units and new city improvements. You're presented with opportunities for peace and trade or war and conquest.

Dune (1992) is a neat adventure/strategy hybrid with enough strategy elements to keep things interesting: you must allocate your followers (the native Fremen) to various jobs, maximize spice production, and ultimately fight the Harkonnen with armies. Also features beautiful VGA graphics depicting passages of time. Easily one of the most graphically stunning games ever made, and one of the most unique. Start it with a bat-file containing:
@echo off
duneprg GER VGA EMS 386 SDB2207

und Sie haben das Spiel in Deutsch mit Musik.

Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty (1992) is a beautiful and captivating strategy game. Over the course of a multi-mission campaign you must first establish a base before attempting to overthrow the rival houses and take control of Arrakis and its Spice reserves, leading to one of three endings depending on the house you chose. Noticeably different from the adventure-strategy format of rival game Dune, Westwood’s Dune II is widely considered the father of real-time strategy games. It set a benchmark for RTS games that would become the norm for decades.

SimCity (1993) is about building and maintaining a city. You have control over all buildings and all public functions, but can only indirectly influence your citizens. As is the rule with simulations, there are no specific goals to achieve in SimCity, but there is something satisfying about a well-run city humming along, that is better than some kind of high-score. The graphics were good for its day, and the game has a very nice user interface. SimCity isn’t just a simulation game. It is a video game that requires skill, patience and a lot of understanding. Still a fantastic DOS game to play.

Kaiser Deluxe (1995) ist ein gelungenes Remake des ursprünglichen C64-Spiels Kaiser. Entwickelt wurde das Spiel in Deutschland, was eher die Ausnahme in diesem Genre ist. In dieser Manager-Strategie-Simulation beginnen Sie Ihre Karriere als armer Mann im 18. Jahrhundert. Handeln Sie mit Waren, erwerben Sie Land, erlangen Sie Ruhm, erheben Sie Steuern, führen Sie Krieg. Aber vergessen Sie nicht, Ihr Volk glücklich zu machen. Sie sind auf dem Weg zum Kaiser - nicht mehr und nicht weniger! Hier ist das Handbuch um ohne Probleme zu starten.