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DOS Point&Click Adventures

Neuromancer (1988) is a great cyberpunk adventure loosely based on the events of William Gibson's eponymous novel. Taking place in the year 2058 in Chiba City, Japan, the plot is centered around the protagonist attempting to discover the truth behind the mysterious disappearances of friends and foes. Locations, characters, items and nuances of cyberspace from the novel appear. Before you start, you should carefully read the manual, as there are many hints hidden. Start it with the NEUROCRK.COM-file and get yourself the walkthrough. A notepad is absolutely essential for playing Neuromancer. Also very important: save often! Undoubtedly the best "hacking" game in existence, Neuromancer was 2004 inducted into GameSpot's list of the greatest games of all time!

Funfact: the soundtrack was done by DEVO!

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (1988) is a hilariously funny point&click adventure by Lucasfilm Games. After Maniac Mansion, it was the second game to use ScummVM. It's 1997, and the world is a dumber place than ever. Space aliens have built a stupidity machine that's slowly reducing everyone's IQ to single digits. The only person who can stop them is Zak McKracken. You direct the actions of Zak and his team to many exotic places where they discover some pretty strange objects and some even stranger characters. Be prepared for an entertaining challenge! You may employ Free Download Manager to speed up the transmission. And here's the walkthrough.

Déjà Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas (1989) is unarguably the best adventure game ICOM ever produced. You wake up in Las Vegas with a painful bump on your head, and realize that you are private eye Ace Harding, who has to retrieve 112000 dollar$ of recently murdered Chicago's racketeer Joey Siegel for his boss, Las Vegas' mobster Tony Malone. You have no choice but to find the money in one week "or else". Use your sleuthing skills to uncover sinister gang plots and implement an ingenious plan to set one gang against the other. The game has a multiple windows point&click interface, which was rather unusual for DOS-games back in the day. Here are manual and walkthrough!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (1989) is the first classic point-and-click adventure game from Lucasfilm Games with archaeologist Indiana Jones as the title character. Its story is based on the almost simultaneously released third film of the Indiana Jones series. At the beginning of the game Indy learns that his father, also an archaeologist and furthermore a famous Grail researcher, has been kidnapped. The search for the father turns into a search for the holy chalice and increasingly into a race against the Third Reich, which wants to use the mystical abilities of the artifact. The download features the VGA version including ScummVM. And here is the walkthrough.

Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1990) is a funny and fascinating hack'n'slash game. The plot is as simple as it is fierce: saving beautiful Elvira in her inherited new home (old Castle Killbragant) from the arrival of an undead, rotten and moldy Lady Emelda, without getting killed in the process. The only way to stop the ancient threat it is a special scroll hidden somewhere in that castle. But the castle has 800 rooms, mazes, catacombs and a dungeon! I wasn't sure what category the game fell into, but it's still most likely an adventure-action-horror-fantasy-dungeon crawl hybrid. It features 1st-person 3D navigation, a point&click command menu, an inventory, access to various attack and defense weapons, magic potions, spellcasting, and lots of pretty bizarre characters to deal with. Here are the manual, the indespensable spellbook and a walkthrough!

Monkey Island 1: The Secret of Monkey Island“ (1990): Hier übernehmen Sie die Rolle des ungeschickt und planlos agierenden Guybrush Threepwood, der sich vorgenommen hat, Pirat in der Karibik zu werden. Im legendären Point-&-Click-Adventure lösen Sie auf humorvolle Art verschiedene Aufgaben und Rätsel, bei denen Sie Ihr Können als angehender Freibeuter unter Beweis stellen müssen. Das Kultspiel erfreut sich bis heute großer Beliebtheit. Und hier ist die Komplettlösung!

Sam & Max Hit the Road (1993) is a really hilarious point&click adventure game that follows the funny happenings caused by the freelance police duo Sam (a laid-back anthropomorphic dog) and Max (a hyperkinetic rabbit with a penchant for violence). The game received positive reviews for its humor, writing, and creativity, making it a beloved title in the genre. The humor is a mix of wit, satire, and absurdity, characteristic of the cartoon series. Regarding the gameplay, it is pretty similar to other point&click highlights like Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. Play it with ScummVM. Here's the walkthrough!

Simon the Sorcerer (1993) ist ein großartiges Point&Click-Adventure, das mit weltweit über 600.000 verkauften Exemplaren eines der erfolgreichsten Spiele seiner Zeit war. Im Mittelpunkt der Handlung steht ein Teenager im modernen England. Eines Tages öffnet sich ein Portal und teleportiert den Jungen und seinen Hund in eine Fantasiewelt voller Zauberer, Drachen, Riesen und sprechender Tiere. Im Grunde genommen ein frecher Monkey Island-Klon, hat es Simon dank seines schrägen britischen Humors und seiner einzigartigen Charaktere bis heute geschafft, sich neben seinem Vorbild zu behaupten. Beim Download handelt es sich um einen Torrent, der qBittorrent benötigt. Am besten spielt man Simon mit ScummVM. Hier sind die Anleitung (in Englisch) und die unvermeidliche Komplettlösung.

Discworld (1993) is a beautiful and funny adventure game based on Terry Pratchett's pun-filled fantasy Discworld books. As bumbling wizard Rincewind, you prevent a Dragon from destroying the world and find a way to convince a disillusioned Death to resume his day job. The game has great humor and some of the most devious but logical puzzles ever designed. Highly recommended for Pratchett fans and fans of zany adventure games in general. Download the floppy version for easy setup and get yourself a walkthrough!

Beneath a Steel Sky (1994) is a gripping cyberpunk sci-fi point&click adventure game. Set in a dystopian future, the player assumes the role of Robert Foster, who was stranded in a wasteland known as "the Gap" in young years and adopted by a group of local Aboriginals, gradually adjusting to his life in the wilderness. After being abducted by brutal soldiers and his kinfolk butchered, Robert Foster finds himself in Union City, a vast metropolis under the tyranny of a fascist AI. Alone, except for the circuit board of his digital best friend Joey, Foster has to discover a sinister truth and why they specifically came for him. Start the game under ScummVM. Here's the manual, and you may need a walkthrough.

Dreamweb (1994) is a graphically pretty point&click top-down cyberpunk adventure. It features mature themes and a dark plot filled with violence and brief full frontal nudity. Much of the look and feel is reminiscent of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner movie, and Dreamweb's musical score is highly regarded, contributing to the atmosphere which made the game admired by many at the time. The protagonist and anti-hero is Ryan, a bartender in a futuristic dystopian city, who has been plagued by strange dreams of an entity known as the Dreamweb. Play it with ScummVM. You may need the manual and a walkthrough!

Return to Ringworld (1994) is a great science-fiction point-and-click adventure game based on Larry Niven's 1970 novel Ringworld. It's a satisfying game that should please all sci-fi fans. Depiction of Niven's complex political drama is very faithful, and coordinating actions between the three main characters and hearing them tease each other is a lot of fun. Here's the walkthrough.

Mission Critical (1995) is a great, captivating FMV- and 3D-graphics-supported point&click adventure, that was eons ahead of its time. The player takes on the role of the sole survivor of the USS Lexington and USS Jericho, a pair of starships sent by the  Alliance of Free States that are ambushed on a secret scientific mission to Deneb Kaitos. Mission Critical has a varied mixture of gameplay  formats, including a large number of traditional object puzzles,  Myst-style backstory deduction from fragments of evidence found about  the ship, a couple of excellent riddles, and a real time strategy  minigame, in which  the player must defend the ship from two waves of  enemy vessels. A terrific storyline and a superb tactical combat engine  make this the best of Legend's many quality adventure offerings!  Download the three ISO-files, use WinCDEmu to open them as drives and mount them in DOSBox. Here is the walkthrough.