Software die Spass macht

A trip down memory lane:
Re-live the magic DOS era!

DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that works well with Windows 10 and emulates CPU 286/386 realmode/protected mode, Directory FileSystem XMS EMS, Tandy Hercules CGA EGA VGA VESA graphics and a SoundBlaster/Gravis Ultra Sound card for excellent sound compatibility with older games. You can "re-live" the good old days with the help of DOSBox, running plenty of the old classics that don't run on new computers. DOSBox is Open Source and most of the DOS-games and apps here are available for free at the brilliant web portals
Abandonware DOS
Games Nostalgia
Needless to say that all programs are tried and tested in DOSbox under Windows 10.

DOSShell by Loonies Software is  a useful and convenient DOS application-launcher that works in tandem with the outstanding DOSBox emulator. It features a comfortable entries manager, where you can store links for all of your DOS programs in an explorer-like GUI. Forget about boring commands at the DOS-Prompt: DOSShell lets you run DOS programs without ever having to deal with the frustrating command line interface. All that you need to do is to add a record into DOSShell's database, and then you can enjoy the simplicity and speed of running your favorite old DOS-games and software with a mouseclick! Check out this page for an extra easy entry.