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3D Adventures

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is the beautifully enhanced version of the classic adventure game "Myst" (1993), which was a groundbreaking title known for its immersive graphics and puzzle-solving gameplay. The main difference between "realMyst: Masterpiece Edition" and the original "Myst" is the transition from a point-and-click slideshow-style interface to a real-time 3D environment providing dynamic water, weather, lighting, foliage, focus, and more. This change in presentation brought the classic game into the modern era. There are good Youtube videos available, and here is the walkthrough PDF. Opening the downloaded ZIP-file requires the password ""!

Beyond Good and Evil ist ein kultiges 3D Action-Adventure aus 2003. Die Handlung spielt in einer fiktiven Welt, die von den außerirdischen DomZ bedroht wird. Du übernimmst die Rolle von Jade, einer charismatischen, jungen Fotojournalistin, welche versucht, die Wahrheit hinter den Angriffen der DomZ und einer Verschwörung der Regierung aufzudecken. Das Spiel kombiniert Elemente von Action, Rätseln, Fotografie und Stealth, wobei der Fokus auf der Erzählung und der Charakterentwicklung liegt. Der Download ist relativ langsam, es empfiehlt sich ihn mit dem Free Download Manager zu beschleunigen. Hier eine Hilfe die Fotografien betreffend, ein Trainer (?) und die Komplettlösung. Ein Youtube Video mit dem gesamten Spielablauf hat es auch!

Escape from Mystwood Mansion is a gorgeous, cozy point&click adventure. In this 3D first-person puzzle escape room game, you deliver a package and get trapped while doing so. Explore the mansion and discover hidden compartments while solving puzzles and deciphering codes to find a way out. Everything has an enchanting aesthetic with a pleasant variety of sceneries. There is an easy-to-learn moveset (duck, jump, interact, etc.), but one crucial move isn’t explained in the intro. Make sure to look at the moveset in the settings beforehand! An included hint function gives tips on puzzlesolving (however, here is the indispensable walkthrough to read and to watch). Will you escape or linger to uncover the mansion's final secret?

The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition ist das hervorragende Remake des interaktiven 3D-Horror-Film-Puzzle-Abenteuerspiels The 7th Guest (1993), eines faszinierenden Trips aus der Perspektive des unter Gedächtnisschwund leidenden, namensgebenden siebten Gastes, der durch ein gruseliges Herrenhaus zu wandern hat. Die Rahmenhandlung um Manipulation und Sünde spult sich allmählich in filmischen Rückblenden ab, während der Spieler durch das Lösen von einundzwanzig Rätseln wechselnder Natur und mit steigendem Schwierigkeitsgrad von einem Raum zum anderen gelangt. Neben Myst gilt The 7th Guest weithin als Killer-App, die damals den Verkauf von CD-ROM-Laufwerken ankurbelte. Hier ist die Komplettlösung!

Penumbra is a captivating 3D first person survival horror adventure game, where you solve intriguing puzzles in the eerie environment of an abandoned, dimly lit mine. It features a physics-based interaction system, allowing players to freely manipulate and combine numerous objects in the game world. Another notable aspect is its emphasis on psychological horror and the avoidance of direct combat. So, combat situations are rare, and the comprehensible reaction in the face of danger is much rather: "Run and hide!" Start your journey and use your skills to solve the puzzles and explore the mine. That is how you survive, not by violence! You will need a walkthrough!

SILENT HILL 2: Restless Dreams puts you in the shoes of James Sunderland, a 30-something man who receives a letter from his wife Mary, urging him to meet her in the resort town Silent Hill. The brief, intimate urgency of this reunion-summons would be the stuff of bittersweet love songs if it weren't for one near-unspeakable fact: Mary Sunderland has been dead for three years now! This 3D adventure is known for its psychological horror elements, atmospheric soundtrack, and complex narrative that delves into themes of guilt, grief, and the human psyche. The eerie atmosphere and disturbing imagery contribute to the game's reputation as a classic in the survival horror genre. To handle the obstructive "Insert CD1" message, install the ISO version, open the "Crack" folder and copy sh2pc.exe into the game directory. After that it should work. Here are manual and walkthrough!